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Patent Number : 3768953

Jacket heater

šThe high quolity silica cloth is used for sheath covering to ease skin irritation.

šThe wire is reworked through the use of Ceramics Felt, and then be bound by silica fiber to prevent being overheated and dangerous exposures of broken sheaths to air.


@NiCr wire@@@@@@@@@@Ceramics Felting@@@@@@@Silica or Alumina Fiber braiding

Compared to the rubber heater,
the jacket heater can save up to 24% of the electric power.

12 hours testing Power Consumption Sheathed Temperature
Jacket heater 0.85‚‹‚—‚” 74.9Ž
Rubber heater 1.12‚‹‚—‚”@ 99.3Ž
Discrepancy £0.27‚‹‚—‚” £24.4Ž


Comparison of Power Consumption between Jacket heaters and Rubber heaters

LPCVD Equipment and pipe thermal insulation heater

One-month testing Power Consumption Power rate Comparison¦
Jacket heater 51.0‚‹‚—‚ˆ 100
Rubber heater 67.2‚‹‚—‚ˆ 131
Discrepancy £16.2‚‹‚—‚ˆ £23.6“

720 hours testing

šCompared to the rubber heater, the jacket heater can save up to 24% if the electric power.

šThe high quality material is used for interior material of the heater, and for exterior oven-proof material.

CFTB or CFCEB Construction

Jacket heater products

¦The comparison is made on the basis of 100 as reference.