Heat-resistant electric wire applied in the Clean room (MAX 400)

Dust-free working environment is a prerequisite for the application of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and thin film deposition system (PVD) for semiconductor silicon wafer metal.
The exterior wire treated uniquely by our company not only maintains its suppleness and special quality even under the environmental temperature of 400
, but also ensures the cleanliness of the clean room.

LRCVD and Pipe insulation heater

Heat Jacket

Coaxial cable for high temperature use

Measurement for incineration plant, power plant, car engines.
The coaxial cable can maintain its suppleness even under the temperature of 400
, while keeping its lowest static electricity capacity at all time (below 55pF/m). The core wire is covered by polyimide tape in order to increase its anti-moisture ability.

The heat jacket is first processed through the use of Ceramics Felt and the bound by the silica glass fiber, so it is capable of preventing the danger of overheating and exposures.
In addition, the wiring pitch can be shortened to 5mm, which ensures the consistent heating effect.
Compared to the general rubber heater, the heat jacket can save more electricity owing to its less ventilation.